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Current Activities

Today Adam Kite took 85W on an aerotow up to Logan. It is scheduled to remain there until late June, when it will travel to Nephi for the XC/OLC camp.

We had some great flights in Morgan last week. A light wave set up over the airport on Friday and Glade Ellingson, one of our newest members got to experience the smooth ride upwards.

N54554 Accident Report

The final report concerning the accident at Morgan County during a training flight last fall has been published. You can download the report here. All members will recieve an e-mail with the password used to unlock the document. Do not distribute this report to anyone. It is for club members only!

Weigh Your Glider!

Stan McGrew has aquired aircraft scales! In the interest of safety he is offering free weighing services to any club member! This is a huge benefit to our club. One imortant item - Don't even think of asking Stan to let the scales out of his sight! E-mail Stan McGrew to make an appointment now.

Avoiding Grob 103 Twin II PIOs Lynn Alley has given us an excellent presentation about Avoiding Grob 103 Twin II PIOs.

Event Calendar Our site has now a publicly visible calendar which can by synced with your local calendar. All club related events will posted here.
Airport Status

USA glider operations has begun in both Morgan County and Logan airports. Next on the list will be Cedar Valley, followed shortly by Heber City.
The club Calendar shows the tentative startup and termination dates for the remainder of the airports and gliders.

Glider Status

USA soaring season has started in Logan with the arrival of 85W. 8BG has replaced 85W in Morgan County. 46Y is on schedule to start flying in Cedar Valley the first week of May. Please see the Calendar page for location of gliders. Also available for download is the glider placement schedule.

New Maintenance Procedures

The club is constantly making efforts to better communicate and track maintenance issues with the gliders. We have a new procedure which will go into effect for the 2014 soaring season. See the instructions document for details.

New Flight Log Procedures

In order to better track glider usage there is a new and improved flight log installed in the gliders. Look for a zippered pouch that contains the Flight Manual, Weight and Balance information, the new Maintenance Items Log as well as the new Flight Log. The Maintenance Items Log has the contact information for the glider stewards at each airport the club uses. Also, please continue to fill out the log accurately for each flight. Thanks!

Soaring Season 2014 Training Program
We are now accepting applications for the 2014 soaring season training program. If you are interested contact Email Johann or Email Tim
To learn more about our program check out Learn to Fly and Flight Training

Currently we still have open slots.