Flight Training

Due to high demand, 2018 training slots are not available with the Utah Soaring Association.

In order to provide the best possible training we have standardized:
  • the training program
  • the material used for training and instructing
  • flight training and progress records
  • a "Cross Check", where a student is requirement to fly at least twice with another instructor during the training period
  • a liability release form which includes the instructor as well as Utah Soaring Association
Glider Training Manuals: Initial Students

We have adopted the Holtz Flight Training material as the standard for training new members who do not currently have a pilot certficate. The Holtz flight training material includes:

  • Glider Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. It contains all of the information that a student must learn to meet the FAA requirements and to pass the FAA written test.
  • Flight Training Manual for Gliders.
    Each chapter addresses a separate stage of flight, such as takeoff, landing.
Both items are available online at gliderbooks.com.

Glider Training Manuals: Transition Students

For training new members who currently are certificated airplane pilots, the primary material will be:

  • Transition to Gliders, by Tom Knauff
    It contains the pertinent information a previously trained power pilot will need to learn to fly gliders.
This book is available at: Knauff and Grove Soaring Supplies.

FAA Glider Flying Handbook

Another valuable source of information about flying gliders is the handbook distributed by the FAA.

  • FAA Glider Flying Handbook
    This handbook is one of the several source reference materials for the FAA written and practical (flight and oral) test.
You can download a free copy of this handbook here: FAA Glider Flying Handbook.

Flight Training and Progress Records

To keep track of training progress we use an Aeronautical Knowledge and Flight Training record. Notes, comments and cross checks are documented as well.
The primary aeronautical knowledge and flight training record can be found in the list below, along with some other useful training records:

Winch Training

Prior to attending a ground launch training session, familiarize yourself with the following documents:

The club has developed programs for training pilots to launch off of the winch, as well as operators of the winch itself (winch drivers): If the winch training will be conducted at the Cedar Valley Airport, please follow the additional guidelines listed in the following document:

Release Form

Every student must sign the Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement form.

Airport Orientation and Airspace Documents